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About Al



Al Kollinger:

Al is an entrepreneur, in 1975 he founded Kollinger Auto Body, and in 2008
Inherent Leverage Inc, a consulting and training company. Al also

co-founded @ccelerate Inc a Theory of Constraints (TOC) company that created

and maintained TOC solutions for the collision industry. In January 2011 Al bought

out his partners in@ccelerate and now co-owns, with his son Bert Kollinger, their

Intellectual property rights that include, but not limited to, the SchedulerPlus”
scheduling and management software program and their "Theory of Constraints"


consulting strategy and tactics process, specializing in Drum Buffer Rope,

Thinking Process and Critical Chain Process Management.

As a dedicated professional, Al and the Inherent Leverage staff, brings a  

“hands on” management experience to the processes of: System re-engineering 


  • Cultural change


  • Manager / supervisor training


  • Creating decisive competitive edge offerings



Al and the Inherent Leverage staff have worked in, or related to, the auto

collision rebuilding process. This gives them unique views that assists them in
handling third party payers, multiple departmental interactions, rapid process
flow of unknown work content and unknown market demand into a system. In
other words experience with high variation of work content, market demand, 
customer expectation and price points.