Auto Body SchedulerPlus and Management Software

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Auto Body SchedulerPlus


Auto Body SchedulerPlus Management Software

Scheduler Software Features:



  • Schedule multiple vehicle's through production



  • Schedule various appointments



  • Simple to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive software
  • Displays customer's information on one  screen
  • Customer logs automatically generated
  • Damage photos and documents stored for easy
  • EMS from third party software
  • Reports - user defined
  • Parts Management System
  • Accounting Interfaces
  • Labor Flagging - hourly, flat rate and commission


  • Email and Text  - Automated and Manual



Auto Body SchedulerPlus Management Software


Features detailed:

Scheduling of repairs - Uses our unique thought process to schedule repairs based on current and projected future capacities and workloads


Schedule various appointments - Calendars that allow you to schedule estimate appointments, drop off date and time, pick-up date and time


Customer information - Displays all of the customers and claim information


Customer logs - Allows user to add notes regarding conversations and other events. System automatically enters certain log events. All entries are time, date and user stamped. Log notes are locked and can not be edited


Damage and other images - Stores photos in various categories

Estimate and other documents - Stores all estimates that are EMS'd in. Stores any other scanned documents


EMS - Allows users to move an existing assignment, estimate, all supplements and any other document that your estimating systems print. Eliminates double entry from your estimating systems


Reports - Numerous reports that are easily customized by user. SchedulerPlus not only reports the normally expected data but also includes KPIs such as Touch Time, Cycle Time, Supplement dollars overall and per vehicle, Profit per day per vehicle, rental car days and many more


Parts Management System - Utilizes all parts data from the EMS imported estimate and supplements. Order, receive, return, track parts by ordered date - due date - late date


Accounting Interface - Integrates with most accounting software


Flat Rate Flags - Management or other users allocate time, flag time and calculate hourly, flat rate and/or commission gross pay for all staff members


Email and Text Messaging - Automated system that sends the vehicle's status to anyone you desire