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Customer Testimonials



"I do not know how we could run our business without SchedulerPlus.

In addition to being an excellent scheduling tool, it is great for
customer interfacing. For scheduling, we can set all of our own
parameters and capacities and change them when we need to. For
customer and production information, the log notes are invaluable.
The date and time stamps have already helped us out of a few tricky
situations with customers and insurance companies."
Roger, Western PA


Al Kollinger has been instrumental in many of my successes in so many


ways, he has tirelessly helped me put a proven system into play and


showed me how to change the thinking in our entire organization, and I


am forever indebted to him.


Joe, Upstate NY 

"Our implementation was very well thought out and execution produced


significant results in the first sixty days. You must be willing to open your


mind and rethink your understanding of how we conduct business. This


can be challenging at first, stick with it, the rewards are measurable and


significant. After 90 days, you'll wonder how you made it all those years.


This is the third scheduling software package that I have used.


SchedulerPlus is easy to understand, east to use, and makes scheduling


simple and effective. If you are ready to move your business to a new


level, Inherent Leverage will help you get there, fast!"


John, Western PA

SchedulerPlus is the best body shop management software on the
market. It is intuitive, easy to use, and it is the only body shop
management software that is designed to create consistent flow through
the shop. I have used SchedulerPlus in shops from 2,000 square feet to
60,000 square feet; I wouldn't run a shop without it. SchedulerPlus will
have a real measurable impact on your shop's bottom line, and when
coupled with a Theory of Constraints Implementation, LOOK OUT!!!  You
will be amazed at what your shop can do!
Tom, Western PA